I specialise in helping business innovate with emerging technologies, new business models and flexible ways of working so your people can achieve more at work and enjoy life. My passion lies in helping businesses consider how new technologies and a customer-centric approach to product and process design, can help to build a portfolio of game-changing products and services that delight both customers and employees alike.

I live in Melbourne, Australia after recently returning home following a short stint (ok, let’s define ‘short’ as almost 5 years..) living and working out of that small red dot in the heart of asia, Singapore 😉

BMGbookbmyoubookI’m also co-author of a few business texts covering the emergent field of business model analysis, simulation and innovation – check out both ‘
Business Model Generation‘ and ‘Business Model You‘ on









My linkedIn profile covers me from the work angle if you are interested. If you want to contact me, I can be reached on the usual channels – @nextgencio and